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Ultrasonic Pain Relief 

Sonic Relief is an effective ultrasonic pain relief system that uses a portable ultrasound device to offer alternative pain relief that works!
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A break-through in effective pain management utilizing the latest in ultrasonic technology.

The curative effects of therapeutic ultrasound have 2 primary benefits. Ultrasound increases blood flow in the areas to be treated. This can help speed up the healing process.  Ultrasound also reduces swelling and edema, which are the main sources of pain.

Until recently, ultrasonic pain relief was only available in doctors' offices and at hospitals. You can now experience the benefits of this powerful alternative pain treatment technology in the comfort of your own home!


Sonic Relief Portable Therapy System
Sonic Pain Relief

General Conditions Treated with the Sonic Relief Portable Therapy System:

    •   Tendonitis (Acute/Chronic)
    •   Ligament Strains
    •   Nerve Root Pain/Neuralgia
    •   Arthritis (Osteo/Rheumatoid)
    •   Post-Exercise Recovery

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 Also try the Sonic Relief Gel!

Sonic Relief Gel is a specially formulated conductive gel that enhances the therapeutic effects of ultrasound. Blended with natural compounds, this gel reduces spasm and decreases pain through its deep-heating effect when exposed to ultrasound. There is no other gel out there like this, and believe me - it is fantastic!

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It's Time for Effective  
Alternative Pain Relief that Works!

Sonic Relief Gel

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